Download facebook public video

To download a public facebook video. The only thing you need is video URL which patterns as follow:{channel/user_name}/videos/{videoId}/

1. Copy video URL

There are several ways to get the video URL:

Copy URL from address bar
Copy facebook video URL from address bar if you enlarged the player
Copy URL from news feed
Righ-click to the "video" text and select "Copy link address"
Show video URL
Righ-click on video (usually 2 times), select "Show video URL"
A box contain the Video URL will show up. Copy the link in the shown box
2. Go to and paste copied URL
paste URL to input box
paste copied URL to input box and press "Download" button
3. Download available video quality
Select quality to download
Facebook video usually available in SD and HQ format, some video have SD format only. Click the button which quality you want to download